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Digital Health Management

Data can make life easier and even prolong it

Why digital health management

Health data is a very valuable asset whose availability in daily life and especially in emergency situations decisively influence our lives. 

Data ist created and stored, everywhere we obtain services. In our complex healthcare system, it is simply no longer possible to keep track of the data available on a person, let alone analyze it as a whole. Data is stored in too many different places and data exchange is not guaranteed.

The time has come for a system that helps people maintain a minimal set of health data on their own responsibility and with the highest level of data protection.

Our Solution

We enable individuals to easily manage their health data. Secure, mobile and available at any time.
You can limit yourself to the most important data which is urgently needed in case of an emergency (see also the International Patient Summary (IPS)). Or you can use the dossier in an extended way, for example to back up your fitness data.
Data exchange with healthcare organizations (doctors, hospitals, laboratories, etc.) and device providers (e.g. smartwatches, fitness wristbands) is mostly automated via standardized interfaces.

Our solution enables efficient management of personal health data. The system takes over the monitoring of important parameters (e.g. reminders of due vaccination boosters or age-related health checks). And finally, the communication with the service providers becomes as we are used to in a digital world (e.g.: electronic appointment with the doctor, SMS about the receipt of laboratory results).


We provide the entire functionality for using our services both as mobile apps, as portals (web browsers) or via interfaces (API's).



The cloud-based data platform ONCE forms the basis of our security architecture.

The data is strictly processed in compliance with the HL7 FHIR standards managed.

Access is via the established 2-factor authentication or according to future-oriented principles of Self-Sovereign Identity.

Your Benefit

For Individuals

So that you receive the best possible medical care in an emergency - even abroad.

To help you take better care of your health by recording and tracking important metrics. Prevention is better than cure.

So that you can give a health professional access to all relevant health information (in the past, your primary care physician took care of your health, but nowadays there are many different health care providers who depend on your data for their performance).

So that you receive the best possible medical care in an emergency - even abroad.

For Healthcare Professionals

So that you have access to all relevant health data (360-view) of your patients and can identify possible health risks at an earlier stage.

Damit Sie im Krankheitsfall oder nach einem Unfall schnell auf wichtige Gesundheitsdaten zugreifen können um ihre Patienten sicher zu behandeln; vor Ort und remote

So you can efficiently share data with patients and other care providers.

For Software Provider

So that you can quickly and cost-effectively adapt your industry solutions to the new requirements regarding interoperability, data security and data protection; in order to support the requirements of service providers in a timely manner and in the best possible way.